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Simple Weekly Planner


How full are your days? Your next few weeks? Do you ever feel overwhelmed just keeping track of what's on your plate?

  • Battle tested through years of highs and brain injury and chronic illness lows, running a business, and family life.
  • 52 weekly view pages - undated for less stress and zero waste for at least a year of clearer planning
  • 7 list item spots per day - helps trim down to the true musts and desires of your week - Detailed suggestions for use of each of the areas inside
  • An easy reference for the beginning of your day, for all major areas of life

Could a calm, one-page, bird's eye view give you some more space to breathe?

- Plan, and live, a little better at a time

I'm Emma, I've been making and using planners as long as I can remember, I've been an artist of many kinds and felt like a high-achiever type person, so but dealing with head injury and chronic illness the past several years has been an enormous shift. Like so many, I'm learning to think more carefully and kindly about myself, my spoons, my time, these little pieces of life that add up to everything.

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Simple Weekly Planner
Simple Weekly Planner


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